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Covid-19 Resources

The City of Klawock has been working with local, state, and federal agencies to address the

Covid-19 public health emergency.

Please continue to follow all of the recommendations for doing our part in preventing the spread of this virus.

Below you will find links to the resources that you will need to stay informed and up to date on the status of the Covid-19 public health emergency.


Free COVID-19 Testing for Asymptomatic Individuals

on Saturdays from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

starting this Saturday July, 18, 2020.

Testing is Free and is a Self Swab


Testing is Located in the Alicia Roberts Medical Center (S.E.A.R.H.C.) parking Lot


City of Klawock Orders

 City of Klawock Orders
City of Klawock Covid-19 Executive Order March 20, 2020

   City of Klawock EMS Covid Statement

   City of Klawock Harbor Quarantine Policy

   Memo to Public - Hunker Down and Shelter in Place 4-2-2020

   Updated Memo to Public - Hunker Down and Shelter in Place 4-10-2020


 City of Klawock Emergency Order

   Proclamation of Emergency Order 1

   Proclamation of Emergency Order 2

   Proclamation of Emergency Order 4


 City of Klawock Travel Declaration

   Travel Declaration Form 14-Day Quarantine

 Klawock School District Updates

   Klawock City School District 3-25-20 Update

   Klawock School Playground and Covered Play Area Closure

 State of Alaska Division of Public Health

   State of Alaska Public Health  

 Center for Disease Control

   Center for Disease Control Covid-19


 Southeast Regional Health Corporation

   SEARHC Covid-19 Preparation

   COVID-19 Flyer

   SEARHC\NEWS RELEASE - POW SEARHC Clinic Shares local COVID-19 Response_040620


 Inter-Island Ferry Authority

   IFA Schedule Change


 Alaska Power & Telephone

   AP&T Community Letter

   AP&T CISA Authorization





Do the Five

Help Stop Coronavirus

HANDS: Wash them often

ELBOW: Cough into it

FACE: Don't touch it

SPACE: Keep safe distance

HOME: Stay if you can